Why is empowerment so important?

Besides the major factor of employee motivation, there are other good reasons for empowerment in your organisation: faster and better decisions and your advantage as an attractive employer for your future specialists and managers.

1. Faster decisions: Evidence shows that greater decision-making authority and the ability to participate in the decision-making process promotes motivation for employees who decide independently about the use of certain budgets or how their work processes are to be used. Customers expect quick decisions, so it makes sense to let the sales force decide within a certain framework.

2. Better quality of the decision: It is by no means just about the speed of the reaction. Of course, it is also important whether a good, meaningful decision is made. It should come as no surprise that someone who is very close to the customer has a much better insight into the situation with all its circumstances than a manager who acts at a distance from the action.

3. More skilled workers: Job preferences have changed significantly and the younger generation have different demands on their work. Ten years ago a graduate thought he or she was lucky to find a job in a corporation, today they prefer to look for a small company where they can have more say. It is important to them not to have too much hierarchy and outside determination.

So if your company wants to attract and keep young employees despite a shortage of skilled workers then the word is: empowerment!

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