Objective and transparent

I analyse processes, products and customer-supplier relationships both within and beyond your company.

A process of listening and questioning provides a baseline review which I accompany with my recommendations.

It is always important to improve good things. To begin with, any friction and non-functioning processes should be identified and remedied.

We find the way to reach targets together.

Traude Rathgeb


My name is Traude Rathgeb. I’m here to get things on track and keep them there.

My practice-oriented approach, I am convinced that appreciation contributes to success and support your organisation

My know-how stems from the analysis of internal and external processes, their reorientation and successful implementation.

I am convinced that appreciation contributes to success. My experience in organisational development both as a sales & marketing manager and as an HR manager have confirmed the power of appreciation.

with respect and pleasure. Vision, creative excellence and forward thinking are what make me and my partners stand out.

I accompany and support your organisation with respect and pleasure, taking it to a new level.



Nomen est omen


Internationalise your sound.

Internationalise your company.

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